Does your self talk suck?

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2020

Self talk. What is it and why do most people suck at it? 

Self talk is that little voice in our head that nooooo one else hears but us.  It is often the voice that justifies junky food choices for us, frames itself as our advocate, but then tells us we "look like sh!t" when we look in the mirror.  

So who is that guy/girl and why is he/she such a friggin jerk!? 

The way we talk to ourselves is often learned, we often find ourselves asking "why did I say that?", "what was I thinking", "gosh you look fat today", and so on down the list of terrible things.  Today I am here to encourage you to talk about yourself like you would talk about someone you love and care for, your best friend, boyfriend, or mother.  Talk about yourself like you are your hero. 


Try reframing, "I am fat" to a compliment, stand there and SEARCH till you find something.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.  WE ARE WHAT WE THINK WE ARE.  


Have you ever heard...

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