Confidence. Community. Simplicity.

We get it, losing weight isn't fun. Many women don't know where to start, how to start, lose motivation, and gave up on their goals a long time ago.  We are here to help.  Femme Fyre Fitness is about keeping women connected, motivated, and on track to hit their goals.  Dream big! Let's do this, it's time to get your body back!

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Accountability & Community

Have you ever been on a diet and your friends and family ask, "whats wrong with you", as you eat your salad and sip your water and die a little inside?  Or perhaps they are SO supportive they offer you some of their burger and fries?  We will teach you how to build a healthy mindset and surround yourself with a support system who values your health as much as you do.  Not only that, but we assign you a success coach who checks in with you to be your #1 accountability buddy or as well like to call them, account-a-billi-buddy ;) 

Sustainable Diet

Well sis, time to throw your food scale out the window and celebrate as we teach you HOW to make sustainable dietary choices.  We will teach you how to LIVE your life FULL of abundance and without feeling tied down by heavy restrictions.  We will teach you the benefits and drawbacks of your food choices, so YOU are in control. 

Mindfulness and Habit Building

Say goodbye to 45 minutes sessions on cardio machines trying to burn off last nights "cheat".  Bye bye two-a-days that we can only keep up for a month before we just HURT.  Goodbye unrealistic fitness goals, goodbye negative self talk, goodbye stressing over your workouts and your food, and HELLO to a balanced life!

Dieting should not be about what you can't eat.

It shouldn't be about counting either. Algebra who, wha?

It should be SIMPLE.

It should not FEEL like you are left out of family dinner time and you should not feel alienated due to your food choices.  We focus on sustainable ways to eat and live.  SIMPLE ways to know what you are eating and why. 

YES, you can have your cake... and eat it to.    ... sorta ;) 

Let's talk social support systems

YOU DESERVE a REAL support system. 

Our fix? We assign you a success coach!

Why? Because we believe in your success. 


We can help you create a support system that lifts you up, sweats with you, and makes you feel confident in your choices.  We will provide you with your own success coach to keep you on track and cheer you on even when you feel like quitting.  Femme Fyre is about community, it is about setting you up for success.  You deserve to have and keep your dream body, and mental health too! We can do this TOGETHER. 

Join us for our NEXT 6 week REBOOT!

Our reboot was designed by women, run by women, and vetted by women JUST like you. Our reboot will change how you think of "diets" and "fitness" forever. In 6 weeks we teach you how to have freedom in your diet and control over your life, we touch on self love, and most importantly you have an accountability coach JUST for you. Let's do this! Sign up now to secure your spot!


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